Who we are

We a talented team of smart, creative and results-focused digital marketing professionals, Tamarama Services has developed insights and methodologies for tackling the most challenging digital marketing and PR challenges.

In addition to a smart and creative approach of getting marketing results for our clients, we are great to work with! Working alongside our clients to achieve common goals drives the passion of our talented digital marketing team.

If you have business challenges to solve through a combination of our marketing services and team of experts, we are up for the challenge.

What we offer

We have grown continuously and sustainably and we have hundreds of clients from diverse sectors. We have achieved success through our unique structure which combines advanced support technology with friendly and professional delivery to provide a flexible, high quality service at an affordable price.

We don’t patronise our clients, we work with them to achieve their goals through technology, not despite it. And we don’t try to confuse with technical jargon. Our staff understand people and business, not just technology. Tech Experts Online unique structure provides our clients with superb support and a level of service that is the envy of the industry.